Miller Lighting’s Happy Customers!!

An energy contractor/wholesaler approached us and wanted bright LED lighting for a parking lot!!  Due to the COVID-19 and the slow economy, our customers realized that they wanted to take this slow; however due to safety concerns for tenants, this cost-effective and energy savings project, to upgrade their facilities had to happen.

We are Miller pride ourselves at working within our customer’s budget and timeline to make sure the products are delivered either on time or ahead of schedule!!



Our customer requested that the property has NO Shadows and EXTREMELY bright lighting without adding dozens of poles! SO, with 3 NEW poles and 150-watt LED Shoeboxes, each at 133 lumens per watt, MILLER saved came through for our customer!! Through the use of angled fixtures, no only did we cover our customer’s required areas, we made it so that none of the lightings affected their neighbor’s property!!!


After – Phase 1

Completed Project

The images provided focus on the back of the property which has been completed and was the area of most concern because of how dark the parking was.  The front of the property is still undergoing retrofitting with us!   More pictures are coming soon!!

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