Miller Lighting Products has been a top supplier to thousands of customers over the last 46 years! We offer a variety of lighting and electrical components to serve all of your lighting needs. We offer retrofit LED products for all applications, including LED drivers and LED modules.

When looking for sleek and trendy lighting for your stylish space our LED Can Lights are offered in 4, 5 or 6 inches, making it easy to retrofit in both slim and normal styles. These are available standard or as CCT and wattage adjustable.

When looking to light up large areas our LED Commercial Can Lights are also a great product for new builds. We offer our LED Commercial Can in 6 and 8 inch sizes, all available with CCT and adjustable wattage.

When working hard, things can get hot! Our LED Retrofit Plates will cool you down with their advanced cooling fan technology. These are offered in a variety of wattage and voltage settings, available from 60 watt to 300 watt and 120 Volts all the way to 480 volts. They also come with state of the art LED driver technology and a retrofit kit for any wall pack, shoebox and other lighting fixtures.

Another great product we offer is our LED Corn Lamps. These are available in a wide range of Volts and Wattages. These lamps are offered from 120 to 277 volts and 480 volts, which are a great choice for high bay lights to wall packs and shoebox units. The wattages run from 9 watts all the way up to 150 watts. This range of sizes is great for any change over of HID applications, as well as old halogens and incandescent lamps! Our LED corns are not only made from the best materials but also always come backed with our Miller Lighting 5 year limited warranty. 

LED Stubby Corn Lamps are offered for the tightest and smallest of spaces. These will fit in any wall pack, high bay or shoebox/flood application in the market. These run from 15 watts up to 135 watts allowing retrofit for up to a 400 watts for HID application. These lamps being shorter in length which allows them to retrofit in a majority of existing fixtures in the market. They are also available in 120 to 277 volts and 480 volts. These can be pre-selected to cover 2700K to 6500K and many colors in between.