One of our valued energy contractors approached Miller Lighting Products with a retrofit project they were working on for the Heartland Express shipping facility. The existing fixtures were 1000-watt high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS). This was on a 35-foot pole! We utilized our LED 300-watt retrofit plate series with a cooling fan and driver along with a solid driver! It is our part# SW300P-480 type 2. It is also a 480-volt application.

Via Miller Lighting Products drone camera, we were able to capture not only the brightness of the surrounding area but also how crisp it looks from 35 feet in the air! If it looks this great from above, imagine how amazing the visibility must be at ground level!!


Parking Area

Based on the energy information provided to us by the end-user, Miller Lighting Products has estimated that within 6 months this retrofit project will have paid for itself and the customer will have a continued save approximately $7500 per year on the lighting (70% savings based on .10 per kilowatt).

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