Welcome to Prescott Arizona, about an hour and a half drive NORTH of Phoenix! Miller Lighting Products was contacted by one of our Energy Contractor/Distributors to assist them in upgrading the lighting in a “Flooring Showroom”!

The Energy Contractor/Distributor was hired after the Flooring Companies customers and staff had voiced concerns over the current depreciated fluorescent lighting in the showroom. The primary concern is that the “TRUE COLORS” in the flooring were not visible! At that time, the best way to see the true coloring of the flooring was to take the customer and the flooring samples outside and view it in the natural sunlight. With their flooring customers in mind, the owners wanted a more “MODERN” Showroom with the appropriate light fixtures to spotlight all of their products in the truest light possible.


Flooring Showroom Before

Miller Lighting Products worked closely with the Store owner and the Distributor to make sure that their goals were accomplished and ultimately gave their customers the brightest and truest lighting experience. One of the Store owners’ requests was that they wanted a long-lasting product with peace of mind! With this in mind, Miller Lighting Products offered them LED lighting fixtures that came with a 10-year warranty!! (Keeping in mind, most the Miller Lighting LED products only offer a 5-year warranty). Twelve (12) of the Miller Lighting LED 165-Watt LINEAR* high bay fixtures with a 10-year warranty, were hung via chain and the older sets of 16 fixtures in 4-foot sections of two 32-watt fluorescent strip fixtures were removed!!


Flooring Showroom After


The project was a huge success!! The store owners, salespeople, and especially the customers are extremely happy with the showrooms’ increased illumination, showing off the flooring samples “True Colors”. Stay tuned, updating the flooring customer’s warehouse is next.

LED products not only illuminate brighter, over time they pay for themselves via the savings in your electric bill as well as hardware savings, as LED bulbs are replaced less often than fluorescent bulbs.

Miller Products:  *LED 165-Watt Linear LED Style has changed since this installation. The new Style is 162 instead of 165-Watt’s, however, the brightness has not changed.  Have questions about how Miller Lighting can help you on your next lighting project? Call 1-800-445-6611 and speak to one of our friendly sales team or  fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.