When compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were introduced, we learned that they were more efficient, cooler, and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In many cases, we converted our bulbs as we replaced them, and enjoyed a great deal of energy savings.

Now, it is time to consider replacing your old CFLs with new LED replacements. There are many reasons to take the plunge:

  • One of the most important advantages of LED lighting is lifespan. LED bulbs remain bright and flicker-free for a long time —expect up to 75% even after it’s been running more than 50,000 hours. A CFL would be dead long before this time.
  • Light quality is much higher. LEDs provide much better CRI (color rendition index), which translates to brighter, more realistic colors.
  • LED bulbs start instantly. No need to warm up, and they don’t change color while warming up. Just beautiful, bright, instantaneous
  • LEDs are much more efficient, producing a lot more lumens of light per watt. This means you can either improve your lighting without any additional electricity usage, or reduce your wattage while maintaining the same amount of light. Either way, it’s a win!
  • No dangerous mercury. Every CFL contains a small amount of toxic mercury. In some cases, breakage results in the need for expensive cleaning and remediation service. LEDs contain no mercury, and will not cause a hazardous situation if dropped or broken.
  • Dimmable models of LEDs are available. Dimmable CFLs, while available, are unreliable, expensive, and don’t dim smoothly.
  • LEDs resist vibration, because there are no sensitive filaments or glass parts inside them.

Miller Lighting Products offers a complete range of CFL replacement bulbs in nearly all sizes and shapes. We also offer matching sockets.