Miller Lighting Products have been serving customers with our large assortment of lighting and electrical components for 46 years. We also specialize in an impressive line of LED products. 

Our Indoor LED products are dual-purpose, offering residential as well as commercial application capabilities. We offer some of the best products in the industry for color temperature and the highest lumen efficacy. We have everything from LED Bulbs / Tubes, a whole line of Fixtures, including Emergency Lighting applications, to UV Sterilization items, Occupancy, and Vacancy sensors.

We are excited about one of our newest products! We are now offering Color Changing & Wattage Adjustable Back-Lit LED flat panels, which can be utilized for multiple applications. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, and office spaces, these Back-Lit LED flat panels are CCT and wattage adjustable and can be ordered in sizes; 2’ X 2’, 2’ X 4’, 1’ X 4’.

These multi-purpose application flat panel lights allow you to showcase your business. For the kitchen, you can provide bright white 5K lighting for your best work efficiencies. While at the same time, you can adjust these units to offer a warm 3K light that is ideal for setting the appropriate mood lighting for the front of the restaurant.

Miller Lighting’s staff of professional advisors are here to help with layouts and dimensions for multiple applications. They factor in ceiling heights, light spread, and will help you confirm your needs to your needed lighting specifications. Our Color Changing and Wattage Adjustable UFO style and Linear High Bay lights are perfect to fully and efficiently light up big spaces like these.

Last but not least, we are excited to introduce another of our newer products at Miller Lighting. Our T8 LED tube light is a multiple feature 4-foot unit. This light is not only color adjustable from 3K, 4K, and 5K, but also is wattage adjustable available in 12, 15, and 18 watts. The multiple features of this lighting option allow you to use one bulb for many different jobs, making this bulb the most energy-efficient choice for multi-purpose use. These units also come in an emergency version as well.