Food Distributor Warehouse

Before retrofit F96T12 8’fluorescent After retrofit Miller Induction Fixtures

Miller 85W Induction Freezer Fixtures Retrofit

Commercial Frozen Food Warehouse retrofits from Inefficient 250W Mercury Vapor Fixtures to Brilliant 85W Miller Induction Freezer fixtures.

Airport Control Tower

Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport changes out problematic fluorescent lowbays with Quality Miller Induction Fixtures

Miller Induction Lighting Las Vegas

Miller Lighting Products technical expertise shown by hands-on testing and collaborating with engineers and electricians that have the same practical energy saving lighting goals

Kansas Interchange uses 400W Miller Induction

Miller Induction Lighting Distributor, Interstate Electrical Supply, Lenexa, Kansas, supplies 400w Miller Induction Fixtures for this municipality on I-35 / 87th St. overpass, replacing an existing 750w HPS with great results.

Houston Stadium uses 100W Miller Induction for Parking

Toyota Center home of the Houston Rockets retrofits parking area lighting using 100W Miller Induction technology to replace existing 250W Metal Halide bulbs.

LED Bulbs for Retail areas and Medical offices

Miller Lighting Products’ Distributors provide viable LED solutions for their clients. Medical offices, Retailers and many others are realizing energy savings and dollar savings, retrofitting from inefficient conventional lighting to proven energy savings technologies.

Heartland Express Led Retrofit

Local shipping company Heartland Express facility.

Miller Lighting Products fixture retrofit.  One of our valued energy contractor distributors approached us for a project for this shipping truck facility.   The existing fixtures were 1000 watt high pressure sodium lamps(HPS).  This was on a 35 foot pole!   We utilized our LED 300 watt retrofit plate series with cooling fan and driver along with a solid driver!  It is our part# SW300P-480 type 2.   It is also a 480 volt application.


As you can see with the photos taken from our Miller drone camera how bright and crisp the light looks even at 35 feet in the air!   Quite a difference and a 70% savings!!


Call today for your specific project to show you how you can also save your customers money on energy and NOT sacrifice the light!  Based on the information on this project the customers return on investment is in 6 months and saves approximately $7500 per year on the lighting. (based on .10 per kilowatt)


Please note we have many other retrofit products and fixtures for any application.  Call for your competitive quote today!