A project from a while back…..

Miller participated with several of our LED distributors and energy contractors to replace 9 units of a 400-watt Metal Halide shoebox fixture at the Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix! The lights are still going strong and our piece of mind the fixtures are warrantied for 5 years!!!

We used our sleek energy efficient LED 150-watt shoebox fixtures! They had to be 480 volts. As we have several voltages available in most of our LED retrofits and fixtures. Usually 120-277 volt and 480 volts!!

The airport was using with the ballasts and old technology of HID fixtures near 4000 watts!! We replaced it with 1350 watts which is a 66% TOTAL SAVINGS!!! Based on the costs of the lights the ROI (return on investment) is estimated at 16 to 18 months! The airport can put back over $6000 back into the budget for other things and feel safer doing it! The light is cleaner and brighter than the traditional HID lights!! These lights are 30 feet in the air! The airport is excited to add this light for security and also highlights the airport’s tower!! The guard gate is easier to see who is coming in and out as well as the cameras are much clearer when they have to identify people coming and going in troubled times! The lights now are close to being paid for by the energy savings and still going strong and bright!!