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We, here at Miller, are constantly updating our product lines to reflect the NEW technology being offered in the lighting industry! In today’s technology age we can offer, LED lamps with Wi-Fi controls that allow you to change various features of these products all via your cellphone! You can make music selections, change the colors of BR and PAR lamps, as well as A-type basic home light bulbs!! We can provide products for picture-perfect landscapes, relaxing baths, kitchen illumination, safety and security, and so much more. You have a Home and/or Landscaping project, and need lighting options, we have the product for you.

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Miller Lighting’s Happy Customers!!

An energy contractor/wholesaler approached us and wanted bright LED lighting for a parking lot!!  Due to the COVID-19 and the slow economy, our customers realized that they wanted to take this slow; however due to safety concerns for tenants, this cost-effective and energy savings project, to upgrade their facilities had to happen.

We are Miller pride ourselves at working within our customer’s budget and timeline to make sure the products are delivered either on time or ahead of schedule!!



Our customer requested that the property has NO Shadows and EXTREMELY bright lighting without adding dozens of poles! SO, with 3 NEW poles and 150-watt LED Shoeboxes, each at 133 lumens per watt, MILLER saved came through for our customer!! Through the use of angled fixtures, no only did we cover our customer’s required areas, we made it so that none of the lightings affected their neighbor’s property!!!


After – Phase 1

Completed Project

The images provided focus on the back of the property which has been completed and was the area of most concern because of how dark the parking was.  The front of the property is still undergoing retrofitting with us!   More pictures are coming soon!!

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A project from a while back…..

Miller participated with several of our LED distributors and energy contractors to replace 9 units of a 400-watt Metal Halide shoebox fixture at the Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix! The lights are still going strong and our piece of mind the fixtures are warrantied for 5 years!!!

We used our sleek energy efficient LED 150-watt shoebox fixtures! They had to be 480 volts. As we have several voltages available in most of our LED retrofits and fixtures. Usually 120-277 volt and 480 volts!!

The airport was using with the ballasts and old technology of HID fixtures near 4000 watts!! We replaced it with 1350 watts which is a 66% TOTAL SAVINGS!!! Based on the costs of the lights the ROI (return on investment) is estimated at 16 to 18 months! The airport can put back over $6000 back into the budget for other things and feel safer doing it! The light is cleaner and brighter than the traditional HID lights!! These lights are 30 feet in the air! The airport is excited to add this light for security and also highlights the airport’s tower!! The guard gate is easier to see who is coming in and out as well as the cameras are much clearer when they have to identify people coming and going in troubled times! The lights now are close to being paid for by the energy savings and still going strong and bright!!



Welcome to Prescott Arizona, about an hour and a half drive NORTH of Phoenix! Miller Lighting Products was contacted by one of our Energy Contractor/Distributors to assist them in upgrading the lighting in a “Flooring Showroom”!

The Energy Contractor/Distributor was hired after the Flooring Companies customers and staff had voiced concerns over the current depreciated fluorescent lighting in the showroom. The primary concern is that the “TRUE COLORS” in the flooring were not visible! At that time, the best way to see the true coloring of the flooring was to take the customer and the flooring samples outside and view it in the natural sunlight. With their flooring customers in mind, the owners wanted a more “MODERN” Showroom with the appropriate light fixtures to spotlight all of their products in the truest light possible.


Flooring Showroom Before

Miller Lighting Products worked closely with the Store owner and the Distributor to make sure that their goals were accomplished and ultimately gave their customers the brightest and truest lighting experience. One of the Store owners’ requests was that they wanted a long-lasting product with peace of mind! With this in mind, Miller Lighting Products offered them LED lighting fixtures that came with a 10-year warranty!! (Keeping in mind, most the Miller Lighting LED products only offer a 5-year warranty). Twelve (12) of the Miller Lighting LED 165-Watt LINEAR* high bay fixtures with a 10-year warranty, were hung via chain and the older sets of 16 fixtures in 4-foot sections of two 32-watt fluorescent strip fixtures were removed!!


Flooring Showroom After


The project was a huge success!! The store owners, salespeople, and especially the customers are extremely happy with the showrooms’ increased illumination, showing off the flooring samples “True Colors”. Stay tuned, updating the flooring customer’s warehouse is next.

LED products not only illuminate brighter, over time they pay for themselves via the savings in your electric bill as well as hardware savings, as LED bulbs are replaced less often than fluorescent bulbs.

Miller Products:  *LED 165-Watt Linear LED Style has changed since this installation. The new Style is 162 instead of 165-Watt’s, however, the brightness has not changed.  Have questions about how Miller Lighting can help you on your next lighting project? Call 1-800-445-6611 and speak to one of our friendly sales team or  fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.






A popular Indoor skate park and family entertainment center in the heart of Scottsdale’s entertainment district reached out to Miller Lighting products to do lighting overall for their remodel build out!!

The lighting distributor/architect and the skate park owners decided that this facility would need a bright daylight appearance with NO SHADOWS! Patron safety and the overall appearance of the facility during events were key factors in their lighting decisions!

In the main area of the indoor skate park, it was agreed that the Miller LED Linear High Bay, 165-watt fixtures, were the appropriate product to meet the end consumer’s request. In the past, it would take 4 to 6 fluorescent lamp fixtures with the T5 being the go-to fixtures with over 300-watts of light. Normal fluorescent high bays or 400-watt metal halide high bays not only utilize more energy, but also take up more space, and more of them would have been required to meet the customers’ requirements. Millers LED Linear High Bays are more energy-efficient, physically smaller (28-inch square fixture) than the fluorescent equivalent, and fewer of these fixtures were needed to produce over 21,000 lumens. In turn, not only did Miller Lighting Products create a streamlined stealthy look by providing crisper and brighter lighting throughout the indoor skate park. Miller Lighting was able to provide this customer with 50% energy savings, in addition to decreasing their hardware cost by utilizing fewer fixtures!!!

skate park 2

For the hallways to the party rooms and party rooms themselves, Miller Lighting Products, utilized 50 pcs of LED Linear Strip Fixtures at 40-watts producing 5200 lumens per fixture! Previous fluorescent troffers utilizing 3 lamps of 32-watts would have equaled 108-watts with the ballasts!! By installing Miller’s modern LED linear strip fixtures to this area of the indoor skate park Miller Lighting Products was able to save just over 50% of the lighting in this area!

skate park 1
skate park 4

It is important to note that most of our LED products come with a 5-year warranty, in this instance Miller Lighting Products was able to utilize LED fixtures that come with a 10-year warranty!

For your next LED project, ask us about our LED products that come with a 10-year warranty by calling 1-800-445-6611.  Speak to one of our friendly sales team members or fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.



One of our valued energy contractors approached Miller Lighting Products with a retrofit project they were working on for the Heartland Express shipping facility. The existing fixtures were 1000-watt high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS). This was on a 35-foot pole! We utilized our LED 300-watt retrofit plate series with a cooling fan and driver along with a solid driver! It is our part# SW300P-480 type 2. It is also a 480-volt application.

Via Miller Lighting Products drone camera, we were able to capture not only the brightness of the surrounding area but also how crisp it looks from 35 feet in the air! If it looks this great from above, imagine how amazing the visibility must be at ground level!!


Parking Area

Based on the energy information provided to us by the end-user, Miller Lighting Products has estimated that within 6 months this retrofit project will have paid for itself and the customer will have a continued save approximately $7500 per year on the lighting (70% savings based on .10 per kilowatt).

Miller Lighting Products offers a variety of retrofit products and fixtures for any application. Contact us today and allow us to assist you in helping your customer to save money on energy and NOT sacrifice the light! Call 1-800-445-6611 and speak to one of our friendly sales team or click here to fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.