Warehouse Lighting Improved with LEDs:

We’re excited to share this story of how we worked with one of our lighting distributors to brighten up the production and warehouse areas of a South Phoenix building. Miller Lighting worked with the company to help improve lighting energy efficiency and brighten up the workspace for their employees.

In this particular case, the customer had 51 units of 1000 watt metal halide fixtures. We fitted these with LED linear 320-watt high bay fixtures. We did a one-for-one linear replacement, which actually spread out the light better than the traditional bell-type high bay fixtures. We increased the foot candles from 7.5 to over 17 with a nice spread. This saved the customer over 700 watts per fixture, a total of over 35,000 watts!

Benefits of Changing Warehouse Lighting:

Now, these customers are not only saving energy, but they have also improved their light efficiency for production and safety. This means higher productivity with more accuracy and lower risk. And we were able to offer the customer a 10-year warranty! LED linear bulbs were the best fit for these clients. But that fix isn’t right for everyone. We have thousands of fixtures and retrofits to choose from, and we can help you find whatever is right for your business. We pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best solution for their needs.

If you’re looking for something really interesting, we also offer Miller LED UFO lights. They look like a strange flying saucer and can go from 100 watts all the way up to 1000 watts of LEDs. Used for tall ceilings and warehouses, up to 50 and 100 feet in the air, these high mast lights are UL approved, sleek and modern, bright and efficient, and they won’t abduct your pets!

Bottom line:

We offer a wide variety of products for almost any application. Just call us and talk with a specialist and start saving money today!