Miller Lighting Products has cut our LED corn lights in half and made them even more productive. Our bright LED Paddle lights, named because they resemble a ping pong paddle, are able to aim light down to the ground, replacing traditional shoebox fixtures or cobra head fixtures and even wall packs up to 400-watt metal halide or HPS!

By replacing the lamp and bypassing the existing heavy metal HID ballast our LED paddle can be installed in its place using 27, 36, 54, 75, 95, or 115 watts of LED. It is UL and DLC listed. It features heavy grade metal construction and LEDs that are Magnified to give the optimum light levels.

In our latest case study, the customer had some older shoebox fixtures. Despite their age, they were in great shape. They chose to replace the 150-watt metal halide with our 36-watt LED bright paddles!

You can see the light difference and the savings. The bright, crisp LED light looks amazing, and with no reduction in illumination, the customer is saving an incredible 129 watts per fixture. In this particular case that is an 85% savings!

The cost of the 36-watt LED paddle lights starts at $69 wholesale and the average ROI on average is only 16-20 months! The LED costs about 50% more than replacing the old technology lights, but it is obvious that the investment makes good business sense. On top of that, these LED paddle lights come with a 5-year warranty! These are readily available in stock.