Solar Wall Pack
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These miniature, all-in-one LED solar wall packs have solar panels built in. They put out 5 watts of LED light, and can be used in places where no power is ...

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Case Study: Parking Lot Retrofit

Parking Lot Lighting Improved With Retrofits Miller has cut our LED corn lights in half and made them even more productive. Our bright LED Paddle lights, named because they resemble ...

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Case Study: Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting Improved With LEDs We’re excited to share this story of how we worked with one of our lighting distributors to brighten up the production and warehouse areas of ...

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LED Replacements

When compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were introduced, we learned that they were more efficient, cooler, and longer lasting than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In many cases, we converted our bulbs ...

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