One of our energy contractors reached out to Miller Lighting Products, on behalf of Best Funeral home in North Phoenix! The parking lot lights were a mixture of floodlights and shoebox fixtures along with wall packs and small bulkhead type fixtures. Over the year, the lighting making the areas being illuminated dull and not as safe of a place to be during evening viewings and funerals services!

The shoebox and floodlights are numbered in the 400-watt metal halide with about 4 fixtures surrounding the facility! Miller Lighting was able to supply LED LSBS150 or 150-watt 5000K LED shoebox/floods with either tenon mounts or direct (DM) brackets!!

On the back and West side of the building, we converted 6 fixtures of 250-watt Metal halide standard wall packs to 100-watt LED standard wall packs!

(Front Parking Lot Facing North Street)

(Rear of the building)

Under the hearse and limousine bay area, they were previously running 3 fluorescent troffer fixtures! Miller Lighting products was able to replace these with 2 x 75-watt LED canopy fixtures for the application!

By the time it was added up, Miller Lighting Products had saved Best Funeral Home just over 2000-watts of energy and Best Funeral Home had a much safer and well-illuminated facility to hold memorial and funeral services!!

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(Memorial Building Rear)