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In fact, check out how one of our clients helped their customer increase security in their parking lot by making things a little brighter.

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A Central Phoenix automotive repair center had reached out to one of our energy contractors to retrofit the facility without being overly invasive! The owners wanted to keep it simple, save energy, and increase safety by brightening up the facility both inside and out! Additionally, the owners wanted to complete this project in stages!!

The first stage was the inside of the automotive repair shop! Miller Lighting Products recommended converting the T8 fluorescent fixtures in the shop from F32T8 fluorescent 32-watt lamps to LED 18-watt T8 tubes and Non-Shunted sockets!! The shop had a total of 32 fixtures with 2 lamps per fixture. The ballast was bypassed! Total savings by converting 1390 watts!!


Miller Lighting Products offers a multi-functional LED T8 (Miller Part# LT841850TP), which can be utilized with Shunted OR Non-Shunted sockets, bypass or wired direct, and/or single or double end wiring!! Very convenient for strip fixtures or troffer retrofits!! These LED fixtures can be found in 4000K or 5000K, 12, 14, and 18-watts!! Click here to view these products on our website

Once the retrofit of the interior of this Central Phoenix automotive repair center was completed the second stage was to shine more light on the outside canopy area. This area, previously utilized for pumping gas, had been converted to a customer car drop off/pick up, service work, and/or staging area.

They were previously utilizing the OLD large box type fixtures with 400-watt Metal Halide, 8 fixtures in total. The previous light fixtures caused a large light depreciation and the area was quite dim. It was also discovered that some of the lights didn’t even work at all!! Here is what it looked like previously:


Canopy Exterior Before


Miller Lighting Products recommended the LED garage canopy lights with 150-watt LED 5000K (Miller Part# LGSL150). Only 4 of them were needed to give off the requested amount of light, in turn only utilizing HALF of the original fixtures!! These fixture options can be found on our website under our Garage and Convenience Store LED fixtures! The original wattage was 3360!! Which was then brought down to 600 watts!! AN 82% savings!!!

Look and see the difference via the after images below. The area is much brighter, sharper, and safer with just this simple lighting change!!


Canopy Exterior After


But wait, there’s more………….

The final sage was to the NORTH side of the property covering the parking area and the North Garage doors they previously had a 400-watt HPS Barn yard light!! This light had faded out over time!! Miller Lighting Products, replaced it with the Miller LED 200-watt shoebox with photocell and an angled direct mounting bracket (Miller Part# LSBS200-5K).   Adding an additional 50% energy savings. Check out the Brightness! Click here for more information on our ShoeBox lighting fixtures.


North Side Property Covering After


We here at Miller have a motto “NO JOB TOO SMALL OR LARGE!! We can do it all!”

We, here at Miller Lighting Products, pride ourselves on our confidentiality, our friendly customer service, and our ability to work with anyone no matter the size of the project while offering cost-effective prices based on our customer’s needs!!

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Miller Lighting Products has been providing lighting and electrical components to small, medium, and large lighting manufacturers for over 30 years!! Whether you need sockets, dimmers, occupancy sensors, electrical cords, lamp harps, brass parts, hardware accessories, etc. we have what you need at extremely competitive pricing!!

We, here at Miller, are constantly updating our product lines to reflect the NEW technology being offered in the lighting industry! In today’s technology age we can offer, LED lamps with Wi-Fi controls that allow you to change various features of these products all via your cellphone! You can make music selections, change the colors of BR and PAR lamps, as well as A-type basic home light bulbs!! We can provide products for picture-perfect landscapes, relaxing baths, kitchen illumination, safety and security, and so much more. You have a Home and/or Landscaping project, and need lighting options, we have the product for you.

Simple lighting changes around your home, not only save energy, they save you money!! Contact our office today 1-800-445-6611 and speak to one of our friendly sales team or click here to fill out our contact form and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.



Miller Lighting’s Happy Customers!!

An energy contractor/wholesaler approached us and wanted bright LED lighting for a parking lot!!  Due to the COVID-19 and the slow economy, our customers realized that they wanted to take this slow; however due to safety concerns for tenants, this cost-effective and energy savings project, to upgrade their facilities had to happen.

We are Miller pride ourselves at working within our customer’s budget and timeline to make sure the products are delivered either on time or ahead of schedule!!



Our customer requested that the property has NO Shadows and EXTREMELY bright lighting without adding dozens of poles! SO, with 3 NEW poles and 150-watt LED Shoeboxes, each at 133 lumens per watt, MILLER saved came through for our customer!! Through the use of angled fixtures, no only did we cover our customer’s required areas, we made it so that none of the lightings affected their neighbor’s property!!!


After – Phase 1

Completed Project

The images provided focus on the back of the property which has been completed and was the area of most concern because of how dark the parking was.  The front of the property is still undergoing retrofitting with us!   More pictures are coming soon!!

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A project from a while back…..

Miller participated with several of our LED distributors and energy contractors to replace 9 units of a 400-watt Metal Halide shoebox fixture at the Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix! The lights are still going strong and our piece of mind the fixtures are warrantied for 5 years!!!

We used our sleek energy efficient LED 150-watt shoebox fixtures! They had to be 480 volts. As we have several voltages available in most of our LED retrofits and fixtures. Usually 120-277 volt and 480 volts!!

The airport was using with the ballasts and old technology of HID fixtures near 4000 watts!! We replaced it with 1350 watts which is a 66% TOTAL SAVINGS!!! Based on the costs of the lights the ROI (return on investment) is estimated at 16 to 18 months! The airport can put back over $6000 back into the budget for other things and feel safer doing it! The light is cleaner and brighter than the traditional HID lights!! These lights are 30 feet in the air! The airport is excited to add this light for security and also highlights the airport’s tower!! The guard gate is easier to see who is coming in and out as well as the cameras are much clearer when they have to identify people coming and going in troubled times! The lights now are close to being paid for by the energy savings and still going strong and bright!!