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Porcelain Sockets(Medium), With Leads, With Hickey Mounting, With bracket Mounting, With Cap Mounting, Threaded exterior

Porcelain Sockets (Continued), Twin Lampholder, Surface Mounted, Snap-on bracketed, Hanging Cordset (Pendants), 2-piece lampholders, Side mounted w nipple, Medium Base Pa r 38 & 46 Connector

Metal Shell Lamp Sockets, Solid Brass Sockets, Push-Thru Sockets, Turn Knob Sockets, 2- Light Clusters, Keyless Sigle circuit

Heavy Metal Shells, Dimmer Sockets, Pull chain, Keyless 3 Terminal

Interiors, Caps, Shells, 3-way Double Circuit, Push Thru, Keyless, Turnknob, Pullchain, Plastic Knobs, Hanging Pin-type Sockets

Phenolic (Bake-Lite) Socket, Medium base, Adjustable Height, With Snap-in Bracket, With Hickey, Hanging Pin-type

Phenolic (Bake-Lite) cont.., Pull chain w/outlets, Candelabra Sockets, Candelabra Sockets Adjust.Height, Candelabra Sockets (Porcelain), Twin cluster, Candelabra Harness Sets


Swivel Socket Extensions, Socket adapters, Twin socket swivel extension, Swivel Sockets

Pulse Rated Sockets(Cont.), Mogul with Side Slots, Medium Extended Body Design, Reducers & Accessories, Socket Reducers, Socket Enlargers, Socket Extensions, Socket Accessories-Misc.

Special Sockets (continued ), T2 Sockets, T5 Sockets, T8 Bi-Pin Low Profile, G8.5 Metal Halide Lampholders, GX8.5 Metal Halide Lamp holders, T8 & T12 Bottom wire Slide-on

PAR HOLDER ALL Weather, PAR HOLDERS, Par Holder Plates & Covers, Par Holder Nuts & washers


T5 Fluorescent Sockets (Miniature Bi-Pin)

T8 & T12 Fluorescent Sockets (Medium Bi-Pin)

T8 & T12 HO & VHO, SIGN, SLIMLINE Fluorescent Sockets

Compact Fluorescent Sockets (CFLs)

Support Clips for Fluorescent Sockets


Bayonet &Special Sockets, Bayonet Single / Double Contacts, Halogen Flange Mount, Halogen G8, GU10 Sockets, Halogen R7S, Metal Halide Lamps G12, H.P.S. Lamps PG-12 Base, G9 Socket & Barrel

Quartz / Halogen Sockets, R7 Halogen Holders, GU7, GU10, Mini- Can Lamp Holders, Mini-Bi-Pin Quartz, Multi-base G4, G5.3, GX5.3, GX5.3, G6.35, GY6.35, T5 & T3-1/4 Wedge Base Ceramic, Hanging Pin-type Sockets


Medium Incandesc. Socket, 3-Light Clusters, 2-Light Clusters, Pony Cleat type, Pull Chain Ceiling Lamp holders, Rotator- RotatingRecepticleplug

Pulse Rated Sockets (Porc), 4KV, 5KV Pulse rated Medium Base, 4 KV,5 KV Pulse rated Mogul Base, Mogul Base Par 56 & 64 Connector, Metal Halide(G12) Bases, Miscellaneous (Porcelain), Mogul Sockets, Die Cast Mogul Socket Caps, Porcelain Intermediate SocKets, Brass Heavy Turn Knobs, Fluorescent Lamp Starter Bases, Fluorescent Lamp Starters


Incandescent Porcelain Medium Base

Incandescent Porcelain Medium Continued

Incandescent Sockets, Metal Shell

Sockets, Metal Shell

Interiors, Caps, Shells, Pin Type Lampholder

Phenolic Incandescent Sockets

Phenolic Incandescent
Sockets , Medium & Cand

Swivel Sockets

Extensions Swivel

Pulse Rated Continued, Reducers & Extensions

T2, G8.5 MH, GX8.5 MH, T5, T8, T12 Fluor

Medium Incandescent Sockets, Rotator Sockets

All Weather Par Holders


T5 Fluorescent Sockets

T8 & T12 Fluorescent Sockets

T8 & T12 HO & VHO,SIGN

Compact Fluorescent Sockets

Support Clips for Fluorescent


Halogen, G8, G9, GU10, G12, Bayonet Style, etc.

Halogen, Quartz, MR16, GU7, GU10, etc.


Pulse Rated, Thermal detectors, Specialty, etc.